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KALA Mistral 1650

The Kala Mistral 1650 is a high quality, high speed cold laminator with upper heated roller and integrated "roll to roll" assembly. A stand-alone lamination station for the finishing of your prints in eco-solvent, latex, offset and screen printing.

KALA Arkane 1650

The Kala Arkane 1650 is a high volume cold laminator with heat assisted top roller which warms the lamination film to 140°C to improve polymerization. Ideal for single sided lamination with or without backing paper, encapsulation and mounting, this piece of hardware produces 1650mm (65 inch) laminations, can mount on to boards up to 50mm (2 inches) and offers an adjustable speed of up to 6.20m/min.

KALA Mistral 2100

The Kala Mistral 2100 85" Laminator offer single-sided lamination, simultaneous lamination and adhesive mounting, encapsulation and board mounting up to 50mm (2") thick. The Mistral laminators are high-volume machines with heat assisted top rollers from 30-60°C.  The 2100 easily accommodates 2m wide material so is the perfect solution for the high volume user with frequent demands for finishing up to 2m wide.

KALA Starter 1600

The Kala Starter 1600 63" Laminator is an entry-level cold, wide format laminator which is ideally suited to the requirements of the sign-maker, photo labs, printers and any company with a need for low to mid volume finishing.